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POEM: Just a Few Unanswered Questions…

This poem was published in a 1981 a volume by The Great National Society of Poets, Inc. in the State Book of Poems-by Students and Their Instructors, Vol. II (Maine-Ohio).


So i went t’ the politician n’ I askt him what’s it like to screw folks for a living.
He took his hand from his pocket n’ sed it’s easy;
You gotta win the bast’rds over and then take what you can before you get caught.
People are dumb but forgiving.

So i went away from him n’ i askt my local spirch’l-figgerhead what’s it like t’ worship an abstraction.
n’ he sed (puttin’ on a cap o’ crusht velvet) my son,
there’s certain questions you don’t ask,
and you gotta believe in something,
`cause something’s more relible than someone.

So i slouched on down to the town hero-soldier n’ I askt him what’s it like to hurt people alla time.
An’ he’s scraping his scum-caked boots when he tells me
you get used to it.
An’ you can’t show the other guy what’s in yer heart,
n’ when there’s no time t’ ask y’ just follow instructions.
Destruction’s the easy part.

So i went n’ i got m’self a whore `cause i needed solace quick n’ i askt her what it was like to go on ballin’ strange men aller life.
N’ she didn’t say much of anythin’ at first but then she got real angry an’ tol’ me you do what you have to do.
Don’t start moralizin’ at me, i got my own affairs;
now do you wanna get laid or dontcha?
N’ i can’t remember if i did or if i didn’t but if i didn’t it was cause i didn’t dare to.

So i went n’ collected all my emty luggage n’ i paid a visit to the world-famous poet who was dreamin’ on a mountain somewhere.
N’ he wasn’t none too happy to have guests but he sed i was ok `cause i had a rough jerney and was all weak and scarred.
So i tol’ him where i been an’ what i done an’ how ugly things had been lookin’ lately.
N’ he sed cut the crap n’ get on with it cause im busy creatin’ a masterpiece for future genrations.
An’ i didn’t think it was no masterpiece, but everyone sed he’s a genius so i took their word for it an’ i askt hi how he still could believe in the goodness of man;
n’ he sed it’s very, very hard.

N’ i donnow how, but i lernd somethin’ from all this,
and that’s that id better keep askin’ a whole lot o’ questions.


Okay, let me explain. I was in my SERIOUS Bob Dylan worship phase back in my high school days. The style of this poem is a total lift from Dylan’s poetry of the era (cf. the back cover of Another Side of Bob Dylan). Hence the irritating abbreviations and faux-folksiness. I can’t even begin to defend this drek except thematically, I do still like the idea of listening to, then half-disregarding, so-called experts and then pressing on in the face of continued uncertainty and disappointment.

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