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DAVE LEFKOWITZ is a playwright and radio/podcast host, who is also a theater critic, radio host, journalist, songwriter, adjunct English professor, and humorist, generally not in that order. He's probably best known as the former managing editor of Playbill.com, but he's also proud of being the creator/host of the long-running radio show/podcast DAVE'S GONE BY (davesgoneby.com), publisher of PERFORMING ARTS INSIDER theater journal (performingartsinsider.com), and founder and publisher of TOTALTHEATER.COM. Dave also created the award-winning solo show, "The Miracle of Long Johns" and co-created the acclaimed musical comedy, "Shalom Dammit! An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon." You can read his cover stories for Long Island Woman and former monthly column in the Long Island Pulse, plus assorted reviews for places like TheaterNewsOnline.com. Thanks for reading, listening, and offering feedback. Interested in Dave's writing or performing? Contact him at davesgoneby_at_aol.com.

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